The Love Masterclass

For many years I was a miserable single, drowning in self-pity instead of navigating through life. Life had me I didn’t have life. After endlessly commiserating with my other single friends I felt worse than when I began! I knew that something in my mindset and priorities needed to shift in order for me to get to a place called happy in a state called fulfilled.

I realized that my joy level was key to everything else falling into place in my life. I could no longer expect anything good to come out of my loneliness and desperation. It clouded all of my choices and paralyzed me from getting on with the business of having a productive, purposeful and passion-filled life. It also led me to make bad choices when it came to selecting a partner. Honey, I’ve got stories okay???

Now I’m ready to share all I’ve learned with you to help you get your life and love in perspective.